Monday, December 19, 2011

Food for Thought: Quote from Meryl Streep

In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Meryl Streep came across as charming, thoughtful, and awe-inspiring. The acclaimed actress provided many soundbites that I'd consider food for thought. And one of them was about Hollywood's double standards when it comes to actors and actresses.

"No one has ever asked an actor, you play a strong minded man. We assume that men are strong minded or have opinions. But a strong minded women is a different animal."

As this quote shows, Meryl Streep, know's what she's talking about. So many of Meryl's characters have been incredibly strong minded but honestly, it shouldn't even be a question that has to be asked by an interviewer. Or if it is asked, I'd love to see more actors having to answer this question. I'm sure that some of the responses would be like, "What the hell??? Why are you asking about what it's like to play a strong minded man?"

Also, I'm going going to use this blog post to remind everyone to go see Streep's latest film, The Iron Lady, about former British PM Margaret Thatcher. It's shaping up to be a interesting movie and another Oscar nod for Meryl Streep (and rightly so).

Meryl Streep's 60 Mins Interview 

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