Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miss Representation

One of the best documentaries I have watched in the year has been, Miss Representation, which is about how women and girls are represented in the media and the repercussions of this. I watched the documentary with my mom when it aired on OWN in October because I had herd about it while trolling the internet. It was a great doc to watch with my mom, throughout the film she kept saying, "omg, this is horrifying" or "wow! I didn't know that." And I often had the same reaction that she did to a lot of the facts and stories which people told. Throughout the film we had an on going conversation about how important this topic is and how we've experienced it in our own life. Women are poorly portrayed in the media and this has a negative effect on all aspects of life; from succeeding in politics, to teaching young girls how to view themselves and young boys how to treat women. The misogyny that currently prevails in our society is harming all of us (no matter what gender you are) and it much be curtailed.

Miss Representation is a wonderful film that I feel should be required viewing by everyone. Everyone should see this movie to understand what is truly wrong with our society. One of the great things about after watching Miss Representation was signing the pledge on the website. It's a pledge to spread the word about the organization's cause and how to end the mistreatment of women. It's so simple and only takes five minutes to do. I urge everyone to take the pledge and then start talking about Miss Representation!

Here are some links to helpful websites:
miss representation twitter

And here is the extended trailer for Miss Representation... prepare to stimultaneously horrified but also feel empowered to do something.

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