Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome To Cinematic Women

I created this blog with the intention of establishing a place where I could write about one of my loves; film. As an avid movie watcher I've become a bit disenchanted with what I've seen. Hollywood appears to be a boy's club and women aren't getting much love. So in response to my anger I've created Cinematic Women to further the discussion of women in hollywood. I want to write about the women in front of the camera and behind it too. Because they deserve to be herd. Because we deserve to read about them. And because the more people who understand the realities of how women are treated in the industry, how women are portrayed in films, and of how much women have to struggle to be herd in the industry then perhaps things will change for the better.
I suppose I should share a little about who I am. My name is Jemma and I am college student who's currently trying to figure life out. And while I don't understand everything I do understand movies. So welcome to Cinematic Women!

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